RRD X-Fire LTD V5 - Slalom/Race/Speed

RRD X-Fire LTD V5 - Slalom/Race/Speed

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The X-Fire`s are RRD’s entry into the PWA slalom / race events. Fast racing machines designed for the highest top speeds, the highest average speeds, the quickest accelerations, and with powerful overtaking abilities throughout a wide wind range.

RRD introduce the 2013 X-Fire V5 as the most technologically advanced range of boards to ever grace the worldwide slalom scene.

Improvements in top speed, acceleration, gybing, range and ease of use has been significantly improved over the V4.

For 2013, PWA World Champion Antoine Albeau has input into and is now riding these actual boards...watch this space!

Sizes and suitability...
- The X-Fire 80 V4 is the current board also for 2013...it rocks so much there is no change!
- Four new designs in the 90, 114, 122 & 129
- All NEW TT Tail delivers even more control and stability over the V4 version ...RRD report a clear improvement.
- All NEW TT Tail outline design releases even more of the wetted surface area drag underneath the back foot without sacrificing low-end drive.
- All NEW TT Tail makes gybing and acceleration of the V5 the market reference
- Increased wind range on the new 90, 114, 122 & 129. Unmistakable control overpowered and plenty of controllable lift when underpowered.
- New backfoot rail design that delivers clear comfort points and smooth power on the legs when you need it the most.
- Full-carbon laminations for the 114, 122 and 129. Super lightweight yet exceptionally strong.
- Continually revised scoop-rocker lines for the 90, 114, 122 & 129 that are increasingly faster and faster every year.
- Revised tail release outline designs for the 114, 122 & 129, giving increased usable lift with a significantly better top speed potential in a wide variety of conditions.

- Technology for 129-122-114 : EPS / Full PVC 3 mm top and bottom/Biaxial carbon 100 grams on deck/80 Grams UD 80 on bottom / Custom made technology.
- Technology for 105-98-90 : EPS / Full PVC 3 mm top and bottom/ 80 Grams UD 80 on Deck + Glass / 160 Grams Glass Bottom /Custom made technology.

Please feel free to ask us for advice on selecting the most appropriate size(s) to suit your needs....at bigsurf.ie, our experience with these shapes is second to none and we`re always here to help!

More info?
Check this board out on the RRD website by clicking HERE. Lots more photos available there also.

As at February 2013, RRD are photographing this board "in action"...we`ll have some action shots very soon!