Irish Shark!

A SWISS pensioner has caught what he believes to be the largest ever fish caught by a rod and line in Irish and British waters off the Co Clare coast!
Joe Waldis said he had the fight of his life to land this six gill shark weighing over 480kg!  For 35 minutes, he had been struggling with the shark that hooked on his mackerel baited line, some 60 metres beneath the surface off of Loop Head on Tuesday afternoon (16th June 2009).
Mr Waldis said: “I didn’t know what I was dealing with until the shark came to the surface. It is like getting all your numbers in the Lotto to get a fish like this.

The shark was pulled into harbour and then transported by forklift to a local quarry to be weighed on the quarry’s weigh bridge. 
The locals can sample the shark meat at the local Sealyons shop in Carrigaholt, where they were giving out portions of the fish!
Sixgill sharks are deep water sharks and can be found all over the world in temperate and tropical regions. They are carnivorous predators feeding mainly on crustaceans, fish and some marine mammels!
Goes to show how little we know about whats out in our oceans!
Fullstory in Irish Times.